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Opal Group has been a trailblazer in the events industry for the last 25 years. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding opportunities for top executives and decision-makers to learn, network, and grow. With multiple global events organized annually, professionals can rest assured that they will have plenty of chances to expand their horizons and build meaningful relationships within their industries. Our commitment to education and fostering participant collaboration has quickly made us a go-to source for those serious about professional development. At Opal Group, we strive to provide an exceptional experience that will leave attendees feeling enlightened and inspired.

Opal Group divisions

As we commemorate our 25th anniversary, we reflect on the key industries that have propelled our company forward. The Facilities and Life Sciences & Technology sectors have been instrumental in our triumphs. However, we are also proud of our accomplishments in the Finance and HR fields. Our formidable dedication to staying attuned to industry trends and capitalizing on the knowledge of leading experts across all sectors has contributed to our success. As we look back on our journey, we remain resolute in our pursuit of excellence and our unwavering commitment to delivering unmatched client outcomes.

Opal Group Facilities Division

At Opal Group’s Facilities Division, the best ideas often come from collaborative environments where senior administrators can exchange ideas freely. That’s why we provide exclusive, invitation-only strategy forums catering to industry professionals’ unique needs in the hospitality, education, healthcare, Senior living facilities, Pro Sports & Entertainment Facilities, and campus sectors. Our specialized insight into spheres like architecture, interior design, facilities management, and technology allows us to create tailor-made programs that are both informative and engaging. Whether you’re looking for insights into multi-family housing developments, research laboratories, or sports venues, our strategy forums provide a platform to network with like-minded professionals and gain a broader perspective on your industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Opal Group Facilities Division events

SpArc Interiors Summit
The Sparc Interiors Summit is an exclusive event that brings together interior design professionals to network, exchange best practices and explore innovative solutions in the interior design industry.

SpArc Summit
The Sparc Summit is an invitation-only event that brings together architects and heads of the specification to exchange ideas, perspectives, and knowledge to tackle current business challenges.

Brings together leaders in technology and curriculum & instruction to collaborate on groundbreaking solutions for K-12 school districts.

Edu-Tech Academics
Delivers customized solutions to help school districts improve educational outcomes for their students.

Edu-Tech Facilities
Provides attendees with information on how to manage school facilities effectively and efficiently.

Hospitality & Restaurant Facilities Summit
This exclusive event gathers top leaders from hospitality and restaurant chains to discuss innovative project concepts and services.

Campus Athletics Facilities Summit
It is a professional conference for Division I Athletic Directors to learn about and discuss strategies for supporting college-level athletic facilities.

Campus Facilities Summit
It brings executive leaders from top colleges and universities together to collaborate on design and construction in a relaxed, invitation-only environment.

Labs & Research Facilities Summit
Strategic event for the heads of capital planning and facilities from major labs and R&D facilities in the US to collaborate, exchange knowledge and explore innovative solutions.

Assisted & Senior Living Facilities Summit
Professional event for executive directors and vice presidents of facilities to discuss innovations and challenges in the field.

Healthcare Facilities Design Summit
Industry leaders gather to address healthcare facility design and construction issues, focusing on improving efficiency through new delivery methods.

The Opal Group Facilities Division provides unparalleled summits that ensure participants access tailored insights and valuable industry expertise. Focusing on critical sectors such as hospitality, education, healthcare, senior living facilities, pro sports & entertainment facilities, and campus sectors, we offer a unique opportunity for professionals to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate. Whether you are seeking to stay ahead of industry trends or looking for new business opportunities, our summits are the perfect platform to gain valuable insights and build your professional network. Join us today and experience the benefits of our premium events firsthand.

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