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Invest in a Brighter Future: Opal Group 9th Annual ESG & Impact Investing Forum

Opal Group hosted its 9th annual ESG & Impact Investing Forum, which took place at the Hilton West Palm Beach, FL, from March 26-29, 2023. ESG and Impact investing is an approach that seeks to create positive social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. This Forum brought together investors and asset managers dedicated to making a difference and creating a better future for all.

The Forum was an invaluable opportunity for attendees to understand ESG & Impact Investing comprehensively. Through engaging roundtables, Keynote presentations, and panel discussions, experts imparted the knowledge to make well-informed investing decisions while assessing risk and gaining maximum returns. Attendees also had the chance to converse with one another face-to-face, allowing them to expand their connections in the field and learn from each other’s experiences. The ESG & Impact Investing Forum provided invaluable insights into ESG & Impact Investing, plus an excellent opportunity for relationship building, making it essential for anyone looking to get involved in this critical investment area.

As we move towards the next generation of investors, many companies are actively adjusting and reworking their strategies to better align with the values and beliefs of Millennials and Gen X. This is in response to the prediction that over $68 trillion will be transferred from baby boomers to those within these generations over the course of the next three decades. Companies are now focusing on their communication, operations, and overall core beliefs to ensure they are connecting with customers who possess a youthful outlook and advanced technology capabilities. The changes companies make today open promising possibilities for how businesses will operate in the future, allowing them to keep up with shifting customer needs and generational trends.

The Forum featured enlightening panels from leading investment firms such as Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and S&P Global, who discussed their experience in the road ahead for Impact & ESG Investing. There were also discussions on Fixed Income & Private Credit, The Important Role of Data Gathering and Metrics within the ESG & Impact Space, Philanthropic Options for Impact, and other engaging roundtables and topics.

Keynote presentations also took center stage with thrilling chats like the one entitled, Heavyweight Champions in Boxing, Medicine, and MMA Unite to Deliver an Impact Punch for Education of the Future, where like Mike Tyson, Former Heavyweight Champion of the World, Investor, Actor, Tyson Transformational Technologies Academy, AZ, and Dr. Oz, 9X Emmy Award, co-founder of, 8X NY Times Best Selling Author, Professor Emeritus of NY Presbyterian-Columbia Medical Center, among other top-tier athletes and celebrities, exchanged their experiences, knowledge, and initiatives for supporting education for young people.

The networking opportunities available to attendees at the event were tremendous. Both industry veterans and lesser-known professionals could connect, exchange best practices, and develop valuable connections. While discussing projects and challenges with peers, participants broadened their perspectives, ensuring they walked away with a greater understanding of their work and those around them. Beyond forming new relationships, many also had conversations that helped guide future decision-making in their respective fields, taking away invaluable insights shared between all attendees.

The Opal Group 9th annual ESG & Impact Investing Forum became an opportunity for experienced professionals looking for new ideas and newcomers looking for an introduction to this rapidly growing space. With its focus on creating positive social impacts through finance, this event-inspired experience is for all involved!

To learn more about upcoming Opal Group finance events, explore our range of conferences, forums, and summits, each sure to provide valuable insights and long-lasting relationships at the following link.



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