Opal Group celebrates its 25th Anniversary Part Two

To continue celebrating Opal Group’s sensational 25th anniversary, we recently spoke with Jamie Pepper, SVP of Meetings & Coordination. Reflecting on the journey, it is clear that past and present have helped shape what this group has become today! With ambition beyond tomorrow already set in stone, exciting new possibilities for progress are just beginning to unfold!

In what ways has Opal Group been able to make a lasting impact on customers and the industry as a whole?

Opal Group’s efforts have also fostered collaboration between attendees and industry experts. The benefit of being in business for 25 years is consistency in the market, creating brand recognition. “Will you be in Newport or Dana Point” are everyday conversations we often hear.  Through these signature Conferences, Summits, attendees can gain valuable insights into the latest trends and advancements in their respective industries and network with their peers. Opal connects like-minded individuals and creates opportunities, in turn forming essential partnerships that can help propel their business forward.

How has the working culture changed at Opal Group over the past 25 years?

Over the past 25 years, Opal Group has become an employer of choice due to its engaging and rewarding culture. The Group empowers its employees to collaborate, innovate and take ownership of their work. We also foster a diverse, inclusive environment where everyone is encouraged to express themselves freely and authentically. Covid has changed the corporate culture significantly. The company provides more flexible work arrangements that allow staff to balance personal and professional commitments. All of these initiatives have created a unique atmosphere where everyone can thrive.

What values have remained with Opal Group throughout the last 25 years, and why are they essential to continue upholding?

At Opal Group, a commitment to excellence has remained steadfast throughout the past 25 years. This dedication is essential for providing our sponsors and attendees with the best products and services. Additionally, the Group values integrity, collaboration, diversity, and innovation, which are critical to our success. By continuing to uphold these values, we can continue providing exceptional experiences.

What initiatives or projects is Opal Group currently working on that will help improve customer experience?

Opal Group currently focuses on various initiatives to improve our client’s experience. This includes developing innovative new programs, networking activities, and improvements to existing offerings. Opal is continually improving on technology, both in-house and at events.  We strive to ensure that our clients have access to the best technology available and are equipped with the tools they need for success. Additionally, Opal Group is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support.

How do you see the next 25 years playing out for Opal Group?

Opal Group is committed to providing the best possible Conferences, Summits, and Webinars, and the next 25 years promise to be full of growth and innovation.  We will continue to grow the event portfolio as current trends evolve. Our products and services will become even more efficient using cutting-edge technologies. Opal Group can tackle any challenge – developing new solutions or creating new opportunities. This dedication to meeting our client’s needs drives us to continue researching what is working and what can be optimized in existing processes. We are ready for the next 25 years of success!

It’s been an absolute pleasure chatting with you, Jamie! And what better way to celebrate the incredible 25th anniversary of Opal Group than by coming together and remembering all that this hard-working team has accomplished; We can’t wait for everyone to join us in our spectacular celebration — it’ll be one adventure you won’t soon forget.



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