Opal Group celebrates its 25th Anniversary

2023 marks the start of an extraordinary milestone at Opal Group, celebrating its 25th Anniversary. We are kicking off the festivities with an exclusive look at the company’s incredible journey over these fantastic years. In this two-part special interview, we have fantastically Senior staff from Opal Group; first, we are talking with Henry Ramos, SVP of Technology, and then with Jamie Pepper, SVP of Meetings & Coordination. They will share their vision for our success, which will surely be memorable!

As anticipation builds for an evening commemorating this remarkable group’s journey and what lies ahead, we joyously come together to reflect on memories and dreams. Through a thoughtfully curated experience, we’ll gain inspiration from the stories and triumphs that have defined their impact while eagerly envisioning the heights to reach. So let the festivities begin, and honor this impressive team’s past, present, and future.

Happy 25th anniversary, Henry! What has been your favorite memory over the past 23 years?

My favorite memory over the past 23 years has been watching Opal Group grow and evolve. We have seen countless successes, small wins, and significant achievements that have helped us become the company we are today. It has been a journey full of ups and downs, but it has always had an incredible sense of pride and dedication from everyone involved. I could not be more proud of the entire Opal team and what we have accomplished in the last 25 years, and excited for what’s to come!

What do you credit your success to?

Our success comes from a combination of hard work, dedication, and relying on an incredible team of experts. We strive for excellence in everything we do and keep up with the latest trends and technologies. We also focus on building lasting and solid relationships with all our sponsors, clients, and attendees, ensuring their goals and needs align with ours. It’s indeed been a collaborative effort!

What changes (positive or negative) have you seen in the industry since Opal Group started in 1998?

There is no doubt that there have been tremendous changes since Opal Group started, both positive and negative. The most positive changes include technological advancements, which have enabled us to reach more audiences, offer more innovative products and services, streamline processes, and increase efficiency.

On the other hand, all the worldwide events that have taken place, like the pandemic, Global economy, military conflicts, etc., make it challenging to navigate. Ultimately, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve and adapting quickly to the changing landscape.

In your opinion, what is one piece of advice that has stood the test of time and helped you succeed in business?

My best advice for business success is to always think outside the box. It’s important to challenge conventional wisdom and seek new, innovative problem-solving approaches. Getting stuck in comfortable patterns can be easy, but looking for creative solutions opens up a world of opportunity. This mindset has proven invaluable for me and has been essential in the growth of Opal Group.

What has changed the most about the events industry in the last 25 years?

The events industry has indeed transformed drastically over the last 25 years. Technology has been a significant driver of this change, as event planners can now easily use digital tools to create interactive experiences for attendees.

Additionally, sustainability has become increasingly important when planning events. This is something that Opal Group is considering, with many companies focusing on minimizing their environmental impact. Finally, data-driven insights have allowed more accurate and cost-effective decision-making throughout the event planning process.

I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you, Henry. Our discussion shed valuable light on Opal Group’s mission and your role in leading its growth. While part one of our conversation has come to an end, stay tuned for the next installment, in which Jamie Pepper, Opal Group’s SVP of Meetings & Coordination, will provide her unique perspective on the company’s work and other compelling topics. Stay tuned.



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