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Opal Group Hosts 2023 Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum & Public Funds Summit East

Opal Group’s highly anticipated Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum and Public Funds Summit East 2023 were successfully hosted from July 10th-12th in Newport, Rhode Island. The Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum was held at the luxurious Newport Harbor Island Resort (formerly Gurney’s Newport). At the same time, the Public Funds Summit East took place at the prestigious Newport Marriott. These events brought together elite financial industry members, including family offices, asset managers, philanthropists, and endowments, for a collaborative and informative experience. Attendees had the unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, network with peers, and gain insight into the latest strategies and trends in wealth and public fund management.

Opal Group’s Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum is back and bigger than ever in the picturesque town of Newport, RI. This flagship event has earned its reputation as the world’s most significant family office conference, attracting thousands of delegates annually. Over three action-packed days, attendees gained insight into various investment topics: direct investing, impact investing, and non-correlated assets. With over 1000 delegates in attendance, the networking opportunities were boundless.

Opal Financial Group’s annual public funds conference is the ultimate destination for senior public pension fund officers and trustees looking to stay ahead of the curve in the investment world. With declining returns raising concerns about funding liabilities for beneficiaries, balancing risk and reward is crucial. The conference provided a platform for attendees to exchange ideas and find viable alternatives to address these concerns. Discussions focused on how surplus returns should affect employee benefit plans and the selection and evaluation of investment managers. Additionally, there was an exploration of legal issues facing pension plans, ethical regulations, and ongoing education for plan sponsors and their fiduciaries.

The much-anticipated events commenced with a Morning Harbor Excursion, setting a positive and exhilarating tone for the days ahead. Attendees were treated to a delightful water excursion, complete with stunning views, relaxation, and ample opportunities to network with one another. This experience provided a unique and unforgettable way to kick off the event, creating a sense of camaraderie among all those present. As the sun rose over the harbor and the attendees enjoyed the cool breeze, it became clear that this experience would set the standard for the rest of the event. The Morning Harbor Excursion was just the beginning of what promised to be an inspiring and productive few days.

The Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum provided attendees an unparalleled opportunity to hear from some of the industry’s most respected professionals. The impressive lineup of speakers shared valuable insights and perspectives on various important topics, including the role of music and culture in driving change and making a lasting impact. Whitney Kroenke Silverstein and Jake Groshong, Co-Founders of the Playing for Change Foundation, were among the keynote presenters, offering their unique perspectives on the power of music to drive positive change. Meanwhile, Dana Dornsife, Founder and Chief Mission and Strategy Officer of the Lazarex Cancer Foundation shared her expertise among top-tier professionals on the healthcare and life sciences investment outlook, a particularly relevant area given the challenges posed by the pandemic. The impact of this insightful forum will surely be felt for a long time.

The gathering of brilliant minds and thought leaders from various industries and backgrounds at this event was awe-inspiring. Attendees were engaged in stimulating conversations and discussions on relevant and intriguing topics. From Family Governance and The Family Office to the exciting potential of investing in Space exploration and the future of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing, attendees left the event with a wealth of knowledge. Highlighting the importance of stay-up-to-date with the latest ideas and trends in the constantly evolving business world, this event was a testament to the value of collaboration and conversation in driving innovation and progress.

The Public Funds Summit East was a beacon for the movers and shakers of the finance world. Exploring a vast array of topics, from the state of the global economy to emerging, niche, and non-correlated alternative strategies for pension plans, attendees were left with plenty of food for thought. With the world looking towards an uncertain future, staying abreast of the latest developments in the field is more important than ever. The summit was an educational and empowering event, focusing on various sectors, including US retirement systems and recovering damages from frauds in non-conventional investments. For finance professionals, this was a must-attend conference of the year. The future is always unpredictable, but the insights and information gained at the summit provided new ways of thinking about old problems.

As one of the critical features of the Family Office Winter Forum, ample networking opportunities were strategically scheduled so that delegates could connect and build relationships with other family office professionals from around the country. This networking experience can be an invaluable resource for attendees to learn more about their industry and exchange ideas on improving their organization further or taking advantage of potential business opportunities. The chance to connect with so many professionals in one place is always highly appreciated as it offers many benefits for anyone involved in family offices.

The presentation that shone a light on the global economic and geopolitical outlook on both events was titled “A Global Macroeconomic and Geopolitical Outlook: State of the Global Economy and International Affairs,” presented by Adrienne Harris, the Superintendent of New York State Department of Financial Services, among other top-tier professionals, this panel discussion delved into the significant economic and political events that have occurred since the start of 2020. With global markets facing new challenges, such as increasing inflation and the ongoing war in Ukraine, this presentation was a must-watch for those looking to stay informed and ahead of the curve. Featuring head figures from the global market, economists, and geopolitical experts, this panel offered insightful predictions and outlooks for where the US and the global economy are heading beyond the second half of 2023.

Within both events, Capital UNTAPPED! Celebrated its 5th anniversary with an intriguing and enlightening discussion. Attendees were immersed in learning how a group of former and active Professional Athletes has been using their Innovation, Investing, and INFLUENCE Capital to drive impact and business ventures. The featured moderator, Daniel Hughes, Founder/Co-Creator of Athletes Influence and Partner at LOHAS Advisors, brilliantly facilitated the discussion among the esteemed panelists. Devean George, 3-time NBA Champion with the Los Angeles Lakers and CEO of George Group North Development shared how his Building Blocks and George Modular Innovation Solutions are revolutionizing housing. Former NBA/Professional Basketball (European) Managing Director of STEDDE Capital Stephane Lasme provided insights into how his investments are developing in technology and renewables. NFL player Bobby Okereke, a 5th-year OLB for NY Giants and Stanford Graduate, discussed his active investor role. Finally, 13-year NFL/Pro-Bowl Defensive Corner and Founder & CEO of Windpac, Shawn Springs, shared how he and his team are creating a better energy future.

Together, these accomplished panelists illuminated the power of well-executed financial investment and strong values in the hands of a talented group of professionals from the sporting industry.

The Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum and Public Funds Summit East 2023 provided a platform for participants to network, gather new insights, and engage with thought-provoking panels. Attendees could reflect on their learnings and establish connections through the eventful and packed schedule. This forum offered unique perspectives on navigating the complex world of private wealth management, and leading experts shared their insights on the latest trends. The conversations at this event were enlightening, and it was clear that participants had acquired valuable new knowledge from their experiences. Overall, the forum was an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to connect and gain insight into the ever-evolving world of wealth management.

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