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Opal Group’s CLO Summit 2022; The most anticipated event of the year for CLO professionals

Opal Group’s CLO Summit, 4th-6th Dec 2022, at the Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach in Dana Point, CA, was a networking event like no other. Attracting more than 1,400 attendees, 78 sponsors, 177 speakers, and specialized panels of experts from investors to lawyers, this three-day summit allowed participants to gain invaluable insight into how to minimize risk and maximize returns within the Asset-Backed Finance market. A venue designed for word-of-mouth networking opportunity “hallway conversations,” the summit promoted meaningful dialogue from all angles within the industry, fostering mutually beneficial relationships between peers and giving participants the potential to expand their professional network for future ventures. This summit not only connected relevant actors of this dynamic space but also enabled them to discuss their concerns and questions through an open dialogue.

This year’s Summit was focused on identifying various elements that could shape the future of the Asset-Backed Finance market. Discussions at the Summit were primarily centered around recent regulatory changes and rating agency methodologies, as well as legal, tax, and structural considerations that could impact the industry in upcoming years. Attendees at this Summit were highly knowledgeable about the Asset-Backed Finance market, and their insights provided an invaluable contribution toward understanding these core issues. The Summit served to open up an informative dialogue between professionals in finance and allow them to discuss potential solutions for relevant topics; thanks to these constructive conversations, experts from all parts of the industry emerged from the Summit with an improved understanding of how best to navigate the robust yet ever-evolving Capital Markets ecosystem successfully.

Attendees gained insights from top industry professionals addressing the current regulatory changes, rating agency methodology, and legal and structural considerations businesses face today. Speakers covered many of these topics in-depth and gave conferencegoers pertinent information to make their operations run smoother and more efficiently. Moreover, discussions progressed beyond the immediate news cycle by offering perspective on how those issues might affect companies. Attendees left with a better understanding of the nuanced matters surrounding these topics.

In addition to speakers from the corporate world, several panels featured breakout sessions led by industry professionals specializing in asset-backed finance. These sessions enabled attendees to ask questions and discuss their unique needs with those most knowledgeable about current trends in this finance sector.

Overall, one of the main takeaways from this year’s Summit was that investors need to be aware of the ever-changing regulatory landscape regarding asset-backed finance. To stay compliant, they should monitor new laws or regulations related to securitization issued by state and federal bodies. Additionally, it was emphasized that investors must also be mindful of their liquidity management strategies, mainly when working with lower-rated debt securities, to ensure that their investments remain profitable over time. Finally, attendees were encouraged to be proactive about diversifying their portfolios across different sectors to minimize risk exposure during times of uncertainty or volatility in the market.

All in all, The Opal Group’s CLO Summit 2022 was a very successful conference that allowed all attendees a chance to network with each other while gaining valuable insight into the latest trends impacting asset-backed finance while understanding the best practices that can help them maximize returns while minimizing risk exposure in this ever-changing finance sector. If you missed this year’s event, don’t worry; register now at for next year’s Summit! So mark your calendars now because you won’t miss out on another unique opportunity like this!

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!



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