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Opal Group’s Edu-Tech, Edu-Tech Academics & Edu-Tech Facilities 2023 Summits: Unlocking Real-World Insights and Ideas

Opal Group is proud to announce the return of its Edu-Tech, Edu-Tech Academics, and Edu-Tech Facilities Summits for 2023. From February 26th through 28th at the Margaritaville Palms Springs Resort in Palm Springs, California, these three-day summits focused on providing real-world insights, first-hand experiences, and practical ideas that other k-12 school districts have tried to help with technology solutions, classrooms, and curriculum initiatives.

All these crucial elements are not a one-department job but a mixture and collaboration of different ones. Edu-Tech brings together the heads of Technology and Curriculum & Instruction from K-12 school districts. It provides a forum to collaborate, strategize and discover innovative ideas for the challenges faced by the different districts.

With Edu-Tech Academics, attendees were provided with thought-provoking presentations and panels to inspire action and drive results that support facility & operational enhancements. There is no “one size fits all” answers regarding school districts; each has an agenda that gets tweaked and adjusted each school year, but providing thought-provoking presentations and panels, inspires action and drives results that support facility & operational enhancements.

Edu-Tech Facilities Summit looks closer at facility management within schools, including maintenance operations, capital improvement projects, energy efficiency initiatives, and security concerns; Here, attendees learned how to implement facilities improvements while staying on budget.

Two unique features available during the Edu-Tech, Edu-Tech Academics & Edu-Tech Facilities Summits were a tailored system of roundtable collaboration meetings and exceptional Networking Opportunities all along the Summits. The roundtable meetings offered school districts a unique solution to discover science and technology solutions backed by proven results; therefore, more significant connections were created between school districts and senior executives to discuss industry trends and areas of improvement.

These relaxed discussions provided an invaluable platform for school districts to share their challenges while gaining actionable insight from those in attendance. To make the most out of these roundtable meetings, attendees could select the topics they want to participate in. Moderators allowed for meaningful engagement so that every attendee walked away with valuable information.

And for the invaluable networking reunions, attendees maximized their face-to-face time during the Summit’s relaxed atmosphere to build strong personal relationships with impeccably organized cocktail receptions, networking lunches, and an offsite dinner venue where everyone engaged in meaningful exchanges with current partners and potential clients.

As always, one of the main pillars at the Edu-Tech & Edu-Tech Academics were the engaging and relevant panels, speakers, and Keynote presentations; for example, Dr. Mike Swize, Superintendent, Palm Springs Unified School District, with his outstanding opening Keynote, Start with Yes, Build Powerful Teams, Get Out of the Way Insights, and reflections from leading a forward-thinking, innovative school district. Dr. Edward Lee Vargas, Retired AASA Superintendent of the Year for CA and WA, captivated everyone with his presentation, creating a High Performing School System: Research-Based Best Practices for Educators, and the exceptional panel, Accessible, Inclusive & Equitable Learning Experiences for All Students, and many more superb sessions.

Edu-Tech Facilities peaked everyone’s attention with its trendy and strategically planned panels, speakers, and Keynote presentations; for example, Dr. Joe Way, Ph.D., CTS, Director, Learning Environments, Information Technology Services, University of Southern California, with his opening session, also the must-attend panels like Leaving Your Legacy: A 50 Year Capital Replacement Plan, Data to Drive Operational Performance and Decision Making and Creating the Mousetrap: Knocking Down Barriers to Commercial Construction, among others intriguing presentations and dialogues.

Learning is an experiential journey, and for attendees at Edu-Tech, Edu-Tech Academics & Edu-Tech Facilities Summits, this was no exception since all attendees had a special tour at the Palm Springs Unified School District. PSUSD is revolutionizing educational opportunities with its groundbreaking drone technology. From construction and programming to flight instruction, middle and high school students can access engaging hands-on experiences like no other district can offer. On the tour of this innovative program, everyone gained insight into PSUSD’s Esports setup for season finals and learned about the Desert Valley Esport Alliance it created, all followed by a demonstration of Drone Soccer, complete with optional participation.

Whether you are looking for guidance on implementing new technologies or need help creating better learning environments for your students, Opal Group’s Edu Tech, Edu-Tech Academics & Edu-Tech Facilities Summits provides you with the tools you need to succeed! Please register at the link today for our Edu-Tech, Edu-Tech Academics & Edu-Tech Facilities Summits November editions.



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