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Opal Group’s Investment Education Symposium 2023: Connecting Institutional Investors with the Nation’s Finest Investment Professionals!

At one of America’s most iconic cities, Opal Group, in conjunction with the Louisiana Trustee Education Council (LATEC), hosted its annual Investment Education Symposium in New Orleans, Louisiana, on February 15-17. It provided comprehensive education and information on investing, fiduciary responsibility, and selection of money managers to the critical decision-makers and other representatives of the nation’s most significant pension funds, endowments, foundations, and other institutional investors.

LATEC strives to empower its members, trustees, and administrators of pension funds with knowledge about their fiduciary duties through educational programs and networking opportunities. This is intended to ensure that trust assets are managed according to the relevant laws so they can effectively serve those who rely on them.

The Investment Education Symposium brought together top industry professionals from across the country for a unique opportunity for networking and learning. Attendees had access to expert panelists from traditional and alternative investment communities who manage some of the most significant capital flows in their respective industries.

The Symposium featured top-tier speakers representing Global firms like John Garcia, Founder & Managing Director & Sara Blackmer, Senior Partner, Solyco Capital; John Schroder, State Treasurer, State of Louisiana and Frank Jobert, Jr. Executive Director, Louisiana Trustee Education Council and Trustee, Transit Management of Southeast Louisiana Pension Plan (TMSEL), among other experts.

Interactive sessions took the spotlight with relevant topics such as Alternative Ideas for Alternative Thinkers: Emerging, Niche, & Non-Correlated Alternative Strategies for Institutional Investors, Including alternative strategies in your investment portfolio & current market strategies for balancing and enhancing returns, Learning from Actuaries: Actuarial Science and your Pension Plan, and much more engaging panels and presentations.

Opal Group’s Investment Education Symposium was an event worth celebrating and remembering. It brought together industry leaders whose expertise led to a meaningful discourse on the ever-evolving investment landscape. With actionable takeaways, one could gain knowledge to become a better investor. As the field of investment continues to change, users must understand new standards and best practices. The Investment Education Symposium marks a step toward a greater understanding of this fascinating space, continuously innovating and providing exciting new tools and opportunities for those looking to invest or upskill in the markets.

If you are interested in learning more about other Opal Group Finance conferences, please visit this link for more information.



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