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Opal Group’s Real Estate Investment Summit & Opal Exchange 2023

Opal Group is pleased to announce the return of its annual Real Estate Investment Summit, March 26-29, 2023, at the Hilton West Palm Beach. This summit brought together real estate professionals from across the country to discuss current trends and their implications for the industry.

The ongoing pandemic has profoundly impacted the U.S. and the Global economy, and these changes have directly affected real estate investment. There has been a marked increase in demand for homes, an ongoing debate between office versus remote work, and a need to increase industrial capacity due to the growth of e-commerce. These developments have created unique opportunities and challenges for real estate investors and managers.

At this summit, attendees learned about navigating today’s complex market environment and best practices for doing due diligence, raising capital, operating according to a business plan in multiple market cycles, and selling assets or distributing revenue. Additionally, speakers provided insight into how to build relationships with stakeholders who are critical to success in this industry.

Opal Group’s Real Estate Investment Summit was committed to providing its audience members access to top-tier speakers and panels covering cutting-edge topics while allowing them ample time for networking during breaks throughout each conference day. The agenda included dedicated sessions aimed at engaging dialogue between attendees and plenty of time allotted for building relationships essential when investing in real estate assets.

Today’s real estate market offers plenty of opportunities but demands due diligence. In-depth discussions were had at the various enlightening panels on matters ranging from incorporating DEI into investment processes and portfolios to determining where investors should look in this industry. These meaningful roundtable conversations and many more provided valuable insight into some of the hottest topics in real estate investing circles.

This magnificent stage also settled the perfect spot for Opal Exchange to be celebrated; With Opal Exchange, attendees benefit from an extensive array of networking opportunities, including pre-arranged one-on-one meetings, breakfast receptions, lunch receptions, and cocktail receptions. With an emphasis on transparent and effective one-on-one sessions, delegates had the opportunity to make meaningful connections that can lead to lasting relationships.

Opal Exchange is an unparalleled experience for all participants looking for a unique way to build their professional network. Its focus on transparency and effectiveness provided the perfect platform for managers and qualified investors to make meaningful connections with like-minded individuals worldwide.

To explore further opportunities for growth in this field, we recommend checking out Opal Group’s robust list of Finance conferences. Connect here:



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