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Opal Group’s SpArc and SpArc Interiors Summits 2023

Opal Group recently held its signature events for architecture, design, and specifications industry executives, Sparc & Sparc Interiors Summits. Hosted at the beautiful Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel, attendees could enjoy stunning views of San Diego’s urban skyline while networking and exploring new business opportunities. The three-day summit, spanning from March 12th to 14th, was hailed as an incredible success; Those attending the summits obtained insights into the architecture, design, and specifications industries that enabled them to maximize their professional network and further their development in the sector.

The Sparc Interiors Summit is a unique event where interior design professionals from the nation’s top architecture & design firms are brought together to exchange best practices, present case study-driven data, and explore innovative solutions for the interior design industry’s most pressing issues. This invite-only event presents an opportunity for interior designers to network, share ideas and gain insights that will help shape their careers and ensure they are at the forefront of interior design innovations. Thought leaders have specially curated topics that allow attendees to gain actionable knowledge and skills on relevant and trending topics.

“What I really enjoyed and appreciated about Opal Group SpArc Summit is the opportunity to build relationships with architects and Spec writers” said Royce Brown, Architectural Manager, Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings. “This is really a diversified group of individuals you get a chance to engage and interact with on so many different levels.”

The Sparc Summit is a unique opportunity for architects and heads of specification from leading US firms to come together and share their experiences. Also, as an invitation-only event, it provides a specific community where they can engage in thoughtful discussions on tackling current challenges and exchange insights based on real-world scenarios. The primary focus of the gathering is to generate meaningful landscapes of ideas and good perspectives created by progressive minds that can aid in addressing the most pertinent issues businesses face today. It was a remarkable affair with plenty of engaging activities and riveting conversations that armed attendees with professional knowledge ripe for action.

“One of the things I have enjoyed and seen as very positive is the one-on-one meetings with the product people; it’s good to be able to ask questions and have a chance to talk and give feedback,” said Michael Chambers, Architect, MCA Specifications. “One of the most important things at the Sparc Summit is being able to meet new product people and vendors, understand their products and systems and support for my business.”

SpArc Summit & SpArc Interiors started activities with a captivating, thrilling, and utterly educational Keynote presentation from Rachel Wilson, Managing Director, Head of Wealth Management Data, Security & Infrastructure Risk, Morgan Stanley. With her impressive and solid professional background as she rose to run the NSA’s counter-terrorism operations mission, tracking down terrorists around the world, helping the British ready for the 2012 Summer Olympics, and for five years running cyber-exploitation missions, Enlighted all attendees with the dangers of cyber-crimes and how to prevent them.

From there, SpArc had panels like The Creative Space & Workplace Culture for Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X; Supply Chain, Material Sourcing & Product Timetables and presentations like The Process of Writing Specifications in Modern Spaces from Jay Ford, Associate, Kalin Associates, and Inclusive Design Strategies in Today’s Work and Public Spaces from Amie T. Keener, Senior Associate, Gensler and many more, always kept the momentum high for all attendees.

SpArc Interiors also had its impressive line-up of panels and presentations, for example, Workplace Cultural Shifts – How Generations are Impacting the Space; Staff Development – How Leadership Impacts Effectiveness & Quality of Team Members, and also Space as a Service from Christopher Good, Chief Creative Officer; One Workplace, Storytelling – Organizing the Human Experience to Provide Long-Lasting Impressions presented by Janet Whaley, Associate, Director of Interior Design, Cuningham: All of them and many more kept everyone craving for more.

Attendees at both of these Summits had the unique opportunity to network with industry peers while gaining exclusive insight into their field and its current trends. Those who attended found themselves in a stimulating environment that encouraged collaboration between professionals from all corners of the country. It was an ideal space for exchanging ideas, best practices, and experiences, providing invaluable growth potential for those seeking meaningful dialogue.

With informative sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities, Opal Group Summits provide an unbeatable platform for industry professionals to learn, collaborate and expand their businesses. Register today and take advantage of other Facilities Summits at the following link:



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