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Opal Group’s Spring HR Leadership & Corporate Wellness Executive Summit 2023

Opal Group HR Leadership & Corporate Wellness Executive Summit united top executives representing global brands to honor best practices in Human Resources and wellness. On April 16-18, Heads of Human Resources, Talent Management, Learning & Development, and Total Rewards from Fortune 1000 enterprises descended upon Austin, TX, for an immersive multi-day experience designed to promote collaboration among industry leaders.

The HR Leadership Executive Summit allowed attendees to explore cutting-edge solutions for talent management, learning, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, organizational effectiveness, and more. With a broad and ample set of relevant, engaging, and interactive sessions such as “Setting the Stage: A peek behind the curtain of Dell’s People Philosophy,” Presented by Ramona Arora, Chief Learning Officer, Dell Technologies, and in collaboration with Laudable Learning by Vim and Vibe Productions LLC; Dell Technologies premiered a set of short films at an exclusive kick-off event to promote psychological safety and resilience in the workplace.

The Keynote Presentation, “The New Effectiveness: Is the Generational Shift the Key to Wellness and Human-Centered Leadership for All?” Presented by Burk Chuter, Vice President Human Resources BP, WM, discussed the evolving expectations of successful leadership in today’s work environment, which requires leaders to be both professional and human-centered; and also the right-to-the point panel “Preventive Wellness, A Driver of Psychological Safety” with Dr. Sarah Sarkis, Clinical Psychologist, Sr. Director of Performance Psychology, Exos as the moderator of a top-tier group of experts which highlighted strategies for creating a psychologically safe workplace by identifying factors for early intervention, the role of senior leaders in truly knowing their teams, and the tools and benefits available to employees. These presentations were between many more exciting and valuable discussions during both events.

The HR Leadership & Corporate Wellness Executive Summit allowed industry professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and initiatives in the workplace wellness sphere. With a focus on topics ranging from Battling Burnout, The Public Sector’s Role in the Development and Implementation of Wellness Programs, and Creating a Magnetic Work Culture in 2023, attendees broaden their perspective and gain valuable insights into optimizing benefits design. As a platform for networking and sharing ideas, this Summit offered a first-rate professional experience for those invested in workplace wellness.

With 25 years of experience hosting global summits, Opal Group brought together two invitation-only events in Austin, Texas; Both summits provided a platform where innovative ideas and meaningful connections could be fostered. With the focus on practicality and immediate application of concepts at work, the event was a huge success. The experience was unforgettable, making the attendees eager to return for more.

Are you ready to join the top HR leaders in the industry for three days of cutting-edge insights, thought-provoking discussions, and networking opportunities? Take your chance to attend the Opal Group HR Leadership Executive Summit 2023!

This October 15-17, Atlanta, GA, will be the epicenter of the HR community as we come together to exchange ideas, challenge the status quo, and explore the future of work. You won’t miss keynote speakers from top organizations and an agenda curated to maximize your professional growth.

Register now for the Opal Group HR Leadership Executive Summit 2023, and discover first-hand why it’s the must-attend event of the year. See you there!



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