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Opal Group’s Summer Learning & Development and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Executive Summit 2023

The Learning & Development and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Executive Summit 2023 Summer edition was successfully hosted by Opal Group on June 4th-6th at The Philadelphia Marriott Downtown. The event boasted top-tier speakers, over 100 leaders in attendance, and 10 hours of strategically designed networking opportunities, providing invaluable experience for all attendees.

The Summer L&D & DE&I Executive Summit was a collaborative event that brought together over 100 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Learning & Development professionals. With representatives from Fortune 1000 and renowned consumer brands in attendance, the summit offered a valuable platform for exploring the challenges of creating meaningful, positive change in the workplace. Participants engaged in discussions focusing on cutting-edge practices and innovative solutions to help companies achieve their DE&I and L&D goals. Overall, the summit provided a unique opportunity for top industry experts to exchange ideas and insights that will continue to shape the future of workplace diversity and development.

The first day of activities at the event was packed with engaging presentations, panels, and discussions. The keynote presentation by Hillary Miller and Dr. Hector Richard Ortiz from PennState Health was the day’s highlight. The “L&D and DE&I’s Collaboration to Achieve Equity and Inclusion in the Workforce” presentation shed light on the interdependence of Learning and Development and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in today’s dynamic workplace. Inclusive work environments are needed, and L&D professionals must understand the impact of DE&I initiatives on their work. The presentation was eye-opening and set the tone for the rest of the event. Hillary and Hector’s expertise on the subject made it an unforgettable experience for all the attendees.

The rest of the initial activities of the conference were marked by a focus on interactive sessions, which allowed attendees to engage with experts on a range of hot topics. The presentations on “Developing the Next Generation of Inclusive Leaders with Intelligent Coaching” and “Understanding the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Learning and Development” provided attendees with valuable insights and practical strategies for addressing pressing issues. The interactive panel discussions on “From Knowledge Transfer to Building Your Company’s Culture of Continuous Learning” and “Is a Conscious Culture the Outcome or the Pathway?” generated engaging conversations among attendees and presenters. These sessions set the tone for a rich and rewarding conference experience.

On the second and subsequent days of the summit, they offered participants a tailored experience to meet their specific interests. Split into two tracks, attendees could opt for either the Learning & Development track or the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion track. This allowed participants to understand topics that corresponded with their professional objectives comprehensively. Through this thoughtful approach, Opal Group ensured that everyone could feel confident they left the summit with the information and tools they needed to succeed.

The Learning & Development component of the event was a fascinating insight into the latest trends and strategies within the industry. Attendees were treated to engaging presentations, such as “Merck Transformation Underway: Super Charging Career Acceleration by Redesigning a New Centralized Employee Learning Experience Across the Enterprise” and “Operationalizing High Impact Learning & Development.” The discussions were equally thought-provoking, with panels exploring Leadership Development: Empowering Growth, Adaptability, and Success. This was an event not to be missed for anyone looking to stay on top of the latest trends in Learning & Development.

The recent Diversity, Equity & Inclusion event was a testament to the importance and timeliness of these topics in the workplace. The presentations were informative and engaging, tackling issues such as rescuing failing DEI strategies and leveraging deliberate practice to enhance diversity, inclusion, and leadership. Best practices for driving successful DE&I programs were also discussed, highlighting the value of a purpose-driven approach. The event’s conversations delved into various themes, including the intersection of business, purpose, and impact, which remain trending topics today. The event was a valuable opportunity to learn about and engage with current DE&I concepts and practices.

As an integral part of Opal Group’s immersive experiences, the Philadelphia Gayborhood and LGBTQ+ History Walking Tour was a must-visit for attendees visiting Philadelphia. This tour took everyone on a fascinating journey through Philadelphia’s vibrant LGBTQ history, showcasing historical landmarks, lively streets, and hidden gems that have played a pivotal role in shaping the LGBTQ community in Philadelphia. With a professional guide leading the way, attendees explored the iconic Philly Gayborhood and its rich cultural heritage. At the end of the tour, a special cocktail reception welcomed everyone, allowing attendees to unwind while reflecting on the events shaping this vibrant community.

Jackie Parker, SVP of Talent Management & Chief Diversity Officer at Global Payments, gave an engaging presentation on “Tackling the “Uncomfortable” Conversations.” She spoke of the unique challenges that DEI practitioners face in navigating sensitive conversations with colleagues, stakeholders, and senior executives. However, the presentation went beyond that. It addressed this work’s crucial but often glossed-over aspect, preparing senior leaders to have these “uncomfortable” conversations with their teams. The talk highlighted the importance of these challenging yet necessary discussions as they help organizations move forward and foster a more inclusive workplace. Overall, Parker’s presentation provided valuable insights and practical advice from the front of her field.

Opal Group is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that enables participants to obtain valuable insights on effective strategies for achieving constructive company alterations. With seasoned speakers disseminating their experiences and providing actionable measures toward progress in this arena, this summit has become an indispensable tool and advantageous for all attendees.

We look forward to hosting this important event and helping our attendees take meaningful steps toward creating a more inclusive workplace environment where everyone feels welcome and respected. We invite everyone interested in attending this important event to register now! For more information about Opal Group’s L& D &DE&I Executive Summits Fall edition 2023, visit the following link,



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