Revolutionizing HR: Opal Group’s Innovative Approach to Human Resources Management

For 25 years, Opal Group has established itself as a prominent leader in the events industry. Our unwavering dedication to providing top executives and decision-makers with exceptional opportunities for learning, networking, and growth has propelled them to the forefront of their field. With multiple events organized annually globally, we have become a reliable partner for professionals seeking to expand their horizons and build lasting relationships within their respective industries. Our focus on promoting educational activities and enhancing participant collaboration has made us a sought-after destination for individuals serious about professional development.

Opal Group divisions

As our company celebrates its 25th anniversary, we take a moment to acknowledge the key industries that have helped us reach this milestone. Finance and Human Resources have been crucial to our success, but we have also made significant strides in the Life Sciences & Technology, and Facilities sectors. Our unwavering commitment to staying informed about the latest trends and leveraging the insights of top experts across all industries sets us apart. Looking back on our journey so far, we remain steadfast in pursuing excellence and delivering outstanding client results.

Opal Group HR Division

In the fast-paced business world, staying up-to-date on the latest HR trends is vital to success. That’s where the Opal Group HR division comes in, offering executives and decision-makers unparalleled insights into the ever-changing human resources landscape. With a diverse range of programming, including talent management and learning & development, organizations can stay ahead of the curve and meet the demands of modern business. Opal Group provides strategic advice and guidance through our summits, ensuring that HR goals are achieved efficiently and effectively.

Opal Group Human Resources Division events

Learning & Development and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Executive Summit
Brings together leaders in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Learning & Development to discuss challenges and opportunities organizations face when striving for positive workplace change.

Corporate Wellness Executive Summit
Creates an effective and collaborative environment for top human resource executives to improve their wellness, total rewards, compensation, and benefits.

HR Leadership Executive Summit
Brings effective collaboration and continuous improvement for top executives in human resources, talent management, learning, and leadership development.

Data & AI Executive Summit
This summit provides a collaborative and effective platform for top executives in data, analytics, AI, BI, IT, and data governance to improve continually in their respective fields.

Learning & Development Executive Summit
It provides Human Resources, Learning & Development, and Talent Management senior executives with a practical and collaborative environment for continuous improvement.

As the HR industry evolves rapidly, professionals must stay informed and current on the latest trends and insights. Opal Group’s HR division is an excellent resource for those seeking to expand their knowledge in HR, Talent Intelligence, L&D, DE&I, corporate wellness, and other relevant topics. Our curated summits provide an exceptional opportunity for professionals to gain specialized knowledge and access to conferences covering cutting-edge issues pertinent to today’s landscape. Whether you want to update your knowledge or stay ahead of the latest trends, Opal Group’s HR division has you covered. For more information, visit



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