Trustmoore, Sponsor of Opal Group’s Celebrating Women in Structured Finance Summit 2023

Trustmoore is proud to sponsor Opal Group’s Celebrating Women in Structured Finance Summit 2023. This event will bring together some of the most influential women in finance and offer a platform for them to share their insights on the industry. Trustmoore believes that collaboration between women leaders is essential to promote gender diversity and foster an environment of success and innovation.

A Boutique Style Corporate Service Provider

Trustmoore makes your success possible by delivering high-quality corporate services in a non-corporate way. They are independent and management owned, which means they are flexible and can provide assistance tailored to your needs and focus on your success. They specialize in structuring and administering investment funds, managing capital markets transactions, setting up family offices, and supporting international corporate expansion.

Founded in 2005 in Curaçao, its three founders have remained actively engaged in leading the organization and supporting its growth. As part of that growth, they established offices in Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Malta, Singapore, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Bulgaria, and today, they serve clients across the globe.

Women Leaders Making a Difference

At Trustmoore, they understand the importance of fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can grow and succeed. Supporting the Celebrating Women in Structured Finance Summit 2023 is evidence of this. More female voices in leadership positions will lead to greater diversity, inclusion, innovation, and, ultimately, better outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

Fiona Kettner, Trustmoore Structured Finance & Capital Markets Services Director,, shares an interesting perspective and reflection on the power of women in the finance industry.

Why is it essential for Trustmoore to support & participate in the Celebrating Women in Structured Finance Summit 2023?

At Trustmoore, diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of everything we do. We understand the importance of representation and the impact it can have on individuals and the industry as a whole. That is why supporting and participating in the Celebrating Women in Structured Finance Summit 2023 is essential for us.

Being a part of this event allows us to connect with like-minded individuals, showcase our commitment to diversity and equality, and help drive meaningful change in the structured finance industry. We can’t wait to see this summit’s impact and are proud to be a part of it!

At Trustmoore, its non-corporate culture and practical organization have contributed to having women executives in more predominant and active roles. Could you please tell us some of the highlights of their work at Trustmoore? and how you support them in your workforce?

At Trustmoore, we are proud to have a diverse workforce where women are well-represented, particularly in leadership positions. With 61% of our employees being women, we have a strong foundation for promoting gender equality in the workplace.

For example, in our Curacao office, an impressive 67% of the management team are women, and 75% of our People & Culture committee members are female. This showcases the opportunities and supports we provide for women to excel in their careers.

Diversity brings fresh perspectives and drives innovation, and we are committed to creating a work environment where all employees feel valued, supported, and empowered to succeed. This is reflected in our flexible work arrangements, professional development opportunities, and initiatives to promote diversity and inclusivity within our workforce. We are proud of our non-corporate culture and flat organizational structure that allows us to prioritize the development and success of all employees, regardless of gender.

From your perspective, how are women changing the structured finance sector?

Women bring a fresh perspective and drive innovation in the structured finance sector. At Trustmoore, we have seen firsthand the impact women can have on the structured finance sector. Whether through their leadership, creativity, or drive to find new and better solutions, women are making a significant contribution to the industry and paving the way for future generations.

Women are holistic leaders, used to managing the home and the workplace. At Trustmoore, we see women handling multiple projects and deadlines, being decisive, empathetic, flexible, and creative problem solvers.

We are proud to be a part of a company that values and supports women in the structured finance sector, and we are excited to see the continued impact women will have on this industry in the future.

Trustmoore is excited to sponsor Opal Group’s Celebrating Women in Structured Finance Summit 2023, an event dedicated to recognizing the accomplishments of female leaders in finance. This is a company that is a proud supporter of gender diversity as it leads to greater collaboration which fosters success and innovation within industries such as finance.

Register now at for the Celebrating Women in Structured Finance Summit 2023 so you can take advantage of this opportunity to hear from some of the top female minds.

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